Vice President

The Vice President of Local 1975 shall assist the President in the discharge of her/his duties and shall perform the duties of the President in her/his absence, death, incapacity, or removal or resignation from office. She/he shall attend all membership meetings, and all executive Board meetings. The Vice President shall be a member of all committees negotiating with the University concerning grievances or other matters of administrating the contract and shall be the coordinator of stewards. The Vice president shall be ex-officio, a member of all standing and special committees, except the election or trial committee. The Vice President shall perform all such other duties as prescribed by the UAW International Constitution.

In the words of Toni Deas:
The VP works anywhere from 5 to 20 hours per week on union business with most work done on my lunch hour, after work and weekends. If the president is out or surveys are coming in, negotiations, layoffs or arbitration preparation is in progress the VP will work some long hours. The VP has to attend four meetings a month plus several throughout the year down at Region 1A, plus any special meetings called by our Region or Local. Since the VP is ex-officio on all committees (except the Election & Trial committees) they assist or attend those meetings at any time as well as assist stewards. The VP does any assignment given to them by our President.