Bobbie Bowling

Lillian Tusson

Jennifer Jones-Barnes


The three (3) Trustees shall be members of the Executive Board and shall approve or disapprove all expenditures of the Local subject to the approval of the President, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, and other members of the Executive Board. The Trustees shall hold in a trust all funds and property of Local 1975.

The Trustees shall audit the books of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer semi-annually including the verification of bank account(s) of this Local Union and report their findings to the membership and secretary-treasurer of the International Union.

It shall be the duty of the Trustees to see the Financial Officer of Local 1975 is bonded to the extent set by the International Executive Board at this union’s expense.

The Trustees of Local 1975 shall perform all such other duties as prescribed by the UAW International Constitution.

One elected Trustee shall be appointed by the President to assist the Financial Secretary-Treasurer in keeping the local membership list updated and current, data entry for posting membership dues, and prepare annual membership union cards.