The duties of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1975 shall be as prescribed by the UAW International Constitution.
She/he shall be a member of the Local 1975 Finance Committee. She/he shall make a monthly report in writing to the membership on the receipts, expenditures, balance, and the financial condition of the Local Union. She/he shall sign all checks, drafts, notes, orders and other undertaking for the payment of money. She/he shall be bonded to the extent set by the International executive Board at this Local union’s expense.

In the words of Former Treasurer Deann Schiller:
I need to have the vouchers ready to take to the membership meeting (of the proceeding months the bills that were due.) I need to obtain signatures of the President and Recording Secretary which are  needed on all vouchers. Membership meeting is the third Thursday of each month.

Duties include paying all bills, collecting all dues, deposit all monies collected, receipt all money in book, and prepare all forms and/or letters to mail with payments as needed. The usual forms include 940 done once a year, 941done quarterly, 990 done once a year, plus keep on file all forms to do with payroll, such as the W4, I-9, W-2, and any address changes on these forms. Keep up with all changes in the IRS and state tax laws; this will be furnished by International Audit Department and Roberts Custom Software each year. Prepare all travel and order union office supplies when needed. This job requires about 10-20 hours per week to do. Everything is done on the software program so reports are easy to print out such as the Trustee Audit report and monthly expense and credits received by the Local, check reconciliation and TCF banking is done on line, making statement and copy of checks easy to access. Once a year I do an audit for the Insurance Company to get a rebate, to report any payments made to members and or officers. I keep a list of all employees and retired persons on line and report to Circulation at International any changes and also any changes in our officers. Once a month I post dues on the system and report any new employees to Circulation, then set them up on our program. Once a year the union cards are ordered through International Circulation Department. Attend meetings down at Region 1A as required.