Recording Secretary

Anita Amrhein, Recording Secretary and Alternate Steward for District 1.


I have been employed with EMU since 1984.  I began working at the McKenny Bookstore, when it belonged to EMU, and in 1985 I became the secretary for EMU Public Safety.  Unions have been a part of my life since I was a young girl.  My Father was a committeeman for UAW at the Rawsonville Ford plant.  My Mother, Roseanne DuFour, EMU Mathematics Secretary, was one of our first charter members of our local, UAW1975.  She walked the picket line in 1975 and helped establish our local.  I did not become real active in our local until 1994 because I was very active with my two children’s school and activities.  I became Steward for District 1 in 1994 (currently I am an alternate steward for District 1).  In 1994 I ran for the office of Recording Secretary.  I have been your recording secretary ever since.  As an exficio member to the Bargaining Grievance Team, I work closely with them.  Although I was not involved in the last contract (2008-2012), I was involved in the previous two contracts; preparing proposals, taking minutes, and joining in conversations at the table.  I have dedicated my time to our union by using my own vacation/personal leave hours for union duties, along with my own personal time.  I believe we all need to help each other succeed in our professions by sharing information and knowledge.  In doing so, we can and will stay strong as a union.  I will continue represent our membership to the fullest.  Stand up, be heard!  Solidarity Forever!