The President of Local 1975 shall preside at all regular and special meeting of Local membership and Executive Board.  The President 
may call a special meeting whenever she/he deems it necessary.

The President shall be a member of all committees negotiating with the University concerning grievances or other matters of administering the contract.

The President shall be, ex-officio, a member of all standing and special committees, except the election or trial committee, and shall appoint special committees not otherwise provided for.

The President shall perform the duties set forth in Article VI, Section 1.3 of these Bylaws and shall report her/his decisions and actions to the Executive Board, which shall accept or reject them.  The President may appeal to the membership any adverse decisions of the Board.

The President shall countersign all checks, drafts, notes, orders and other undertakings for the payment of money.  She/he shall be
bonded to the extent set by the International Executive Board at this Local Union's expense.
The President shall perform all such other duties as prescribed by the UAW International Constitution.  
In the words of Former Karen A. Hansen, President of UAW Local 1975 - TOP

The president exercises general administrative authority at Executive Board meetings and presides at all regular and special 
membership and Executive Board meetings.  They countersign all checks, drafts, notes, orders and other undertakings for the
payment of money.  They monitor the finances of the Local Union and makes recommendations to the Executive Board and the
membership.  They represent UAW 1975 at numerous meetings at the UAW Region 1A, other Local Unions and UAW
International, etc. (i.e., Leadership meetings, TOP Council meetings, United Way, etc.)  They take and/or direct many phone calls
from members, fellow officers, B&G Team Committee Chairs, EMU Management, Human Resources and our International UAW r
epresentatives. Lots of problem solving.
The president spends approximately 80 to 100 hours a month (some at work, lots at the home and in the union office) doing business 
for the union.  During negotiation time you will spend much more time working on the contract issues, sometimes working late into the
night.  You will work closely with our Region 1A representative and bargaining/ grievance team.   The president handles a myriad of
duties too numerous to mention.
On a more personal level, I got involved with the Union back in 1985 when I was working in the Van Buren School system.  I had 
three young girls I was raising and no health insurance.  So I joined the Bargaining and Grievance Team when they said they needed
someone to help work on the committee.  Well, we got a new contract plus we were able to pay for insurance for ourselves and our
children under a group policy.  We still had to pay for it, but it was much cheaper under the “group umbrella”.  Then I took a job here
at Eastern Michigan University in 1987 and took a pay cut but my insurance was covered for me and the girls.  Yep, before I knew it,
I was involved with the union again.  I have to tell you it’s not an easy road, but we have to take care of our own always.  When I
first started, I thought I could just jump in and help write language for the contract, but I soon learned, it’s not that easy.  It a lot
like legal language…you “think” you are asking for one thing, but really you are asking for just the opposite.  So those first years, I
learned to keep my mouth shut and just sit, listen, ask questions and learn.  I am very proud to be your president!!
In Solidarity,
Karen A. Hansen
UAW Local 1975
TOP Division
Eastern Michigan University Clericals