Special Election Information

A special election will be held on March 4th to fill our vacant Recording Secretary position.  The election will be held in Room 320 of the Student Center. If necessary, a runoff election will be held on March 9th.

Nominations for recording secretary will be open until February 18th via email. Email nominations can be mailed to me at mshumaker@emich.edu or our election committee chair, Kay Tobias at kstachlew@emich.edu. The final opportunity to nominate yourself or another member for the position will be at our membership meeting on February 19th. If we have only 1 accepted nomination at the membership meeting, that member will be sworn on. If 2 or more nominations are accepted, then we will proceed to the election on March 4th.

Should you have any questions about this process or the position, please feel free to contact me.