Bargaining and Grievance Committee

The Bargaining and Grievance Committee of Local 1975 shall consist of the President, Vice President and the three (3) elected regular members of the Bargaining and Grievance Committee and two (2) regular members as alternates. The Recording Secretary can be called as recorder upon request. Committee persons shall be democratically elected for three (3) year terms and shall be required to take the oath of office. All terms of office shall conform to Article 38 and 45 of the International Constitution. Effective January 1978, members of the Bargaining and Grievance Committee shall be nominated in April at the regular membership meeting and the elections shall be held on the day of the regular May membership meeting and shall be installed at the June membership meeting. The members of the Bargaining and Grievance Committee shall nominate and elect the chairperson of the Committee.
Any vacancy among Bargaining and Grievance Committee members will be filled by the first alternate (alternate with the highest number of votes cast is first alternate). If the first alternate has filled a permanent vacancy, then any vacancy occurring thereafter will be filled by the second alternate. No more than two permanent vacancies among elected Bargaining and Grievance Committee members shall be filled by alternates. If a third permanent vacancy occurs it shall be filed by a special election in accordance with the provision of Article XI, Section 1.7. After negotiations are completed, any vacancy among Bargaining and Grievance Committee members will be filled by a special election in accordance with provisions of Article XI, Section 1.7. All members of the Bargaining and Grievance Committee must attend 2 out of 3 Bargaining and Grievance Committee meetings, unless properly excused by the Bargaining and Grievance Chair. Bargaining and Grievance Committee members who fail to comply with this provision shall be automatically removed from office and replaced in accordance with Article XI, Section 1.8 of these Bylaws.


Committeee Members:

Terree O'Neil-Darling

Tony Martin

Toni Deas

In the words of Toni Deas:

The Bargaining/Grievance Chair is required to attend both the monthly Executive Board Meetings and the General Membership Meetings. It is the Chair’s responsibility to give a report every month at the membership meeting to update membership on any grievance activity or problems the committee may be handling. The Chair is also required to run weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the B/G committee to discuss any questions or problems that come up, share communications from Human Resources, and update the team on any new developments. Meeting time is increased as we make preparations for bargaining, and during negotiations, many lunch hours, weekends and evenings are spent meeting, going over survey results, and doing research.


There are also meetings to attend at UAW Region 1-A in Taylor to represent the local at Leadership meetings, TOP Academic Council meetings, additional training in grievance handling or bargaining strategies, or sometimes to meet with our International Rep or Regional director. It is necessary for the Chair to be available for special conferences, grievance step meetings and arbitration cases. If no steward is available, the Chair may get an emergency phone call requiring them to run to attend a disciplinary meeting to represent a member. The Chair, like other B/G Committees, is frequently appointed to other joint Management/Union Committees that are dictated by the contract to deal with issues such as job classifications, evaluations, and other concerns that have come up during negotiations. There is also a monthly labor-management meeting in Human Resources, and there are other University committees that you could be appointed to serve on as a representative for Local 1975. In addition to all the meetings, it is not uncommon to receive 10-30 calls a week from members, Human Resources, the B & G team, or other bargaining units, to discuss matters of importance. Expect to stay late and work extra sometimes in order to catch up on your work when you have a busy meeting week or a lot of union activity. The Bargaining and Grievance Chair spends approximately 60-100 hours a month (lunch hour, after work, at the UAW Office, at work and many hours at home) doing business for the Local. Records and history must be maintained in the union office so that prior cases can be referred to if needed. You will work closely with the Bargaining and Grievance team, the Human Resources Department, Region 1A representative, and EMU management.